Today's designs require greater capabilities and Gomore is up to the challenge. Through years of highly specialized experience in building curtain walls, roofing and structural glazing and participating as an active player locally & globally, we are simply the wisest choice for you.

“Quality, Lightness and Cost-effectiveness” is our motto. Gomore was, and will be, deeply committed to metallic composite material and system for architectural and industrial building envelope application, to name a few: bi-metal (tri-metal) composite sheet / coil, metal composite sandwich system, etc.

As an environmental friendly member in the “green age,” Gomore will strive role playing in a specialist in the frontier of “sustainable, green, and energy saving” building system. With the advanced photovoltaic (PV) know-how and intimate partnership with allies in building science, Gomore is confident to maintain the Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) system competitiveness in a global pace


Our Businesses


We specialize in various façade & roofing engineering, procurement and contracting metal structural analysis and design,project planning, management and supervision. We are ready to meet any owner/ developer,architect/ designer, fabricator/ contractor’s demands.


Our Services


Gomore’s excellence in providing top-notch services comes along with a high level of prompt, punctual manners and attitude. Our deep commitment to success has resulted in our being awarded numerous projects in Taiwan & worldwide. Gomore’s vision is attuned to the market. We provide full service in architectural, commercial and specialty cladding & roofing.


Our Products


Our reliable team has complete and necessary backgrounds and is highly skilled; our reputation has been earned from working in all types of metal work and with every material including: glass, solid aluminium, aluminium composites, galvanized steel, stainless steel, Titanium-Zinc (TiZinc), copper, etc.


Product Application


Our quality service involves the most updated engineering techniques available and scoping such as: urban commercial buildings, high tech office buildings, government owned estates, public schools, steel truss roofing for large open spaces, elevated pedestrian walks, etc.